Trish Clowes / My Iris

Leading the charge in the extraordinary new wave of young British improvising musicians, Trish has for the past ten years defined her own music with her inventiveness, immense curiosity and her versatility in composing works for both her own band, My Iris, and full symphony orchestra. With a clutch of major awards under her belt, she shines a light forward into the undergrowth of fresh ideas, exploring them with passion and panache, taking risks but no prisoners, and bringing the listener on an exciting, challenging and ultimately hugely satisfying ride. Jump on.

"Listen, and then listen again, if only to remind yourself that these beautiful other worlds really do exist."
Fiona Talkington on Ninety Degrees Gravity

"exhilarating and darkly funky"
John Fordham, The Guardian

"a band's band .. high speed melodic chases, punchy avant garde jams, spacey organic textures and even Weather-Report-inspired rock fusion .. and Clowes, singing on the beautifully meandering epic 'Free to Fall'."
New York State Music, on MY IRIS live 2019

Trish Clowes: saxophone
Ross Stanley: piano, hammond organ
Chris Montague: guitar
James Maddren: drums

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