The Universal

A full afternoon of acoustic music down the west. Three outstanding musicians with very distinct styles strut their stuff in this equally stylish setting.

2.00pm. Dermot Dunne

Always up for a challenge, Dermot will accordionize this venue, (though he could easily drive the piano too ) with his electrifying technique, vast repertoire of Blues, Braziliana and...emm, Bach. Virtuoso is too small a word. Sit back and allow jaw to be dropped. .

4.00pm. Darragh Hennessy

Born at an early age, Darragh was well into his teens when he moved to the dark side, mining the jazz motherloads for gems of delight. A gifted teacher and writer of tuneage, he tours regularly playing both piano and hammond organ. This is his maiden GJF voyage.

6.00pm. Johnny Taylor

Pinning down Johnny is like nailing jam to a wall, so in demand is he. We're delighted that he's coming to Galway, and playing this rare solo gig, bringing his effortless coolth and sharing his Zen jellies with us. Buddha wouldn't melt.