Finnish kantele and jouhikko player Rauno Nieminen and New York based composer and computer musician Brett Sroka first began a collaboration at the Arteles Creative Center, in Haukijńrvi, Finland. Nieminen's career has brought him renown as a performer, scholar and champion of the ancient instruments and folk music of Northern Europe. He has a PhD from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and in 1984 founded the luthier school at the Ikaalinen School of Art and Design. Sroka's work in improvisation, computer music and modern composition has led to work in film, dance, installation and six recordings of his original music.

As the Cultural Program Curator at the prestigious LÚvy Gorvy Gallery in New York City, Sroka fosters a conversation between the masters of modern and contemporary art and the broader performing arts. Through Sroka's live computer processing of Nieminen's music, the duo create rich tapestries of electro-acoustic sound out of the roots of Northern European music, finding commonalities in centuries of culture, history and technology, imagining a boundless new form of music.

Rauno Niemenen - kantele and jouhikko
Brett Sroka - electronics


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Brett Sroka & Rauno Niemenen

  • Sat 7th October
  • 5:00pm
  • Mick Lally Theatre (upstairs)
  • 10
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