'Skratchblast' featuring Naive Ted, Moschops & The Skratchlords

A night of scratch music, turntable improv and freestyle cuts

Skratchlords is a collective of 'Community Skratch' artists. Performances are lively, scratching on powerful beats from producers within the collective.

Naive Ted's angular take on beat-oriented music meets at the margins of myriad styles but always follows a logical line (that admittedly may only be audible to himself..)

Where machine is man, and man is on the cusp of a nervous breakdown, Ted's hands control time via a pair of turntables.

Moschops is a scratch DJ who simply can not be messed with, always capturing the essence of digging obscure gems out of record stacks.

Jimmy Penguin (Galway legend),
Djackulate (of OKO fame),
Symatic (Cut & Paste Records),
Manipulate (Grandeurs Of Delusion)



  • Fri 6th October
  • 11:00pm
  • Biteclub
  • 5