For those in search of late night entertainment look no further than Shivers club night, who host a special live performance from Davy Kehoe and his band, followed by an extended DJ set with Music From Memory co-founder Jamie Tiller.

Kehoe's 2017 debut Short Passing Game was released to huge critical acclaim both at home and abroad, with Pitchfork describing the album as "a strange and exhilarating vision of electronic music, drawing from adrenaline-fuelled krautrock, slathered in harmonica and dub delay".

Since its inception in 2015 Music from Memory has quickly become the standard bearer for unearthing beautifully personal music from the past (and the present), helping to re-launch the careers of artists like Gigi Masin and Dip in the Pool. With Tiller at the A&R controls for the label you can be sure that his DJ set will be as lush and diverse as the music on his label.


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