Radio String Quartet

Taking the standard string quartet kicking and screaming from its classical constraints, radio string quartet tear up the rule book, re-write it, then translate it into several languages - that of jazz, electronica, ambient sounds, all with an incredible virtuosity, high octane energy, and, when required, delicate and heartbreaking soulfulness. Their recent explorations of the music of The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Joe Zawinul pay due homage to these greats, at the same time as bringing new depth and dimension to familiar music. And when it comes to Schubert or Shostakovich? Not a problem, they can take their place alongside any world class quartet. Groundbreakers, trailblazers, masters of their art.

In their own words : ' We play the song of life, full of chaos, energy and beauty'.

'Vienna's charismatic radio.string.quartet have shown how much they understand about jazz spontaneity and urban groovemaking as well as classical perfectionism .. a session glowing with rich colours and seductive grooves'

John Fordham, The Guardian

Bernie Mallinger - violin
Igmar Jenner - violin
Cynthia Liao - viola
Sophie Abraham - cello

Presented in association with Music for Galway


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