Nils Økland

A musician who has never put limits on the scope of his own musical exploration, hardanger fiddle virtuoso Nils Økland creates soundscapes, stories, atmospheres, and with his fellow musicians on saxophone, vibes, harmonium and bass throws a filigree net around his audience, and draws them into his world of dark and light, texture, clarity, and structure, and allows us to eavesdrop on this five way conversation where all voices are equal contributors and creators. Like a very select few contemporary masters, Nils has become his own genre, and this is a rare chance to hear this quintet in a programme drawn from their latest landmark album, Lysning.

"... there is not one note on this album out of place, not one moment when we're not confronted by a beautiful isolation that somehow make sense of this world and which lingers long in the memory..
Songlines Magazine on 'Lysning'

Nils Økland: hardanger fiddle, fiddle
Rolf-Erik Nystróm: saxophones
Sigbjórn Apeland: harmonium
Mats Eilertsen: bass
Haakon Mórck Stene: percussion