Naive Ted's "IN A VIOLENT WAY"

Naive Ted and invited musicians perform jazz-influenced music from Ted's extensive back catalogue.

Young Ted had a real dislike of jazz.
Some bloke on the Late Late.
Dozens of old guys in matching shirts in a town square playing goddamn swing tunes.
Acid jazz.

Firstly, young Ted found hip-hop. He soon realised that many of these rap songs jacked loops from old jazz records. Some of these jazz records were actually decent. Some of them were even better than the records that sampled them.

...."Straight No Chaser"....
...."A Love Supreme"....
...."Disco 3000"....
...."This Is Our Music"....
...."In A Silent Way"....


Ted found live jazz in Galway. Upstairs in Richardson's, Tuesdays, circa 2004/5. Jaysus twas class to see such musical exploration up close in the here and now. These were normal people playing extraordinary music a couple metres away from your face.


You had to sit down though. Not ideal.

IN A VIOLENT WAY is an attempt to pay homage to the jazz music that has shaped Ted's musical output.

Homage but not as you know it

Sit down if you want but it's not ideal.