The Jimmy Cake formed as a 10-piece group in Dublin, Ireland in 2000 from the fresh remains of local experimental rock noiseniks Das Madman. In that time they have collaborated live with the likes of Damo Suzuki, Iva Bittova & Charles Hayward while slowly drifting over the course of six albums from a pastoral psychedelia to full-on kosmische psych, fully realised on 'Master their 2015 aural colossus. Drawing from the same sonic palette, their new album, 'Tough Love' is another serpentine & ecstatic creation from one of Ireland's most consistently adventurous bands.

'Thank God for The Jimmy Cake' - Journal of Music


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The Jimmy Cake

  • Sat 7th October
  • 11:00pm
  • Biteclub
  • 5