Exploring musical concepts that have shaped scratch music and the history of the Community Skratch Games, held in Galway since 2006.

Symatic has been making skipless scratch records for years. As one third of Cut & Paste Records, he has focused on making the format accessible, functional and musical.

Developed in collaboration with Moschops, 'Geometric Sounds' is an introduction to the design theories, practicalities and artistic approach to this format of record, which is used both as a direct sample source and as an instrument in its own right.

Community Skratch Games was originally started in Galway by Jimmy Penguin and Deviant & Naive Ted. With the help of Manipulate it has spread to the UK and Europe, embarking on tours and collaborating with local artists.

Geometric Sounds

  • Sat 7th October
  • 12:00pm
  • Bierhaus
  • Free