Renaud Garcia Fons/ Claire Antonini

An album of double bass and theorbo duets is really not something that comes around that often, so when FARANGI, a collaboration between bass magician Renaud Garcia Fons, and virtuosos lutenist, Claire Antonini was released in May, it made quite an impact. Drawing on material from the Middle Ages, from the Baroque era, North African folk music, Persian traditional tunes, and original compositions and improvisation, it is an elegant and engaging conversation between two extraordinary musical minds. Claire and Renaud's music is a brilliant example of how ancient folk and classical music forms used improvisation, riffs, and variation, and how these skills continue to exist in jazz and blues. They may not play twenty choruses over I Got Rhythm tonight, but they could if they wanted to!

Renaud Garcia Fons: double bass
Claire Antonini: theorbo