Eric Vloeimans 'Oliver's Cinema'

With Oliver's Cinema, Vloeimans finds himself in a chamber-ish space, working intimate, elegant, and refined music into shape with cellist Jorg Brinkman and accordionist Tuur Florizoone.

All three musicians are virtuosos, capable of dazzling at a moment's notice, but this album has little to do with chops and everything to do with mood. There are those moments when Brinkmann's cello astounds, Florizoone goes for a quick flight, or Vloeimans bounds around, but those are byproducts of the conversations and going-ons, not the goal. This music is about charm, not might

Oh, and take a bow if you spotted the anagram in the name!

'On the aural end, it should simply be noted that Eric Vloeimans' Oliver's Cinema creates beautiful and heartfelt music that touches the soul.'

All About Jazz

Eric Vloeimans - trumpet
Tuur Florizoone - accordion
Jörg Brinkmann- cello

Supported by Going Dutch and Dutch Performing Arts


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