Brexit Schmexit - Sasamach Smeasamach

The spectre of Brexit looms large over our future dealings with our nearest neighbour. No aspect of modern life will be unaffected by it, and culture and artistic interaction will no doubt have to re-calibrate and figure out how to navigate thus-far uncharted waters. We've invited a highly experienced and respected team of panellists to muse on this, the implications, the machinations, the solutions, and will we need a passport?

This discussion will be moderated by Toner Quinn, Editor of The Journal of Music and lecturer in publishing at NUI Galway

Olga Barry has recently been appointed the new Director of the Kilkenny International Arts Festival. With masses of experience working as a producer in many arts organisations - RTE, Festival Of World Cultures, Crash Ensemble, New Music Dublin, and her keen interest in political jiggery pokery makes her a wise and witty commentator on this unfolding situation.

Nick Roth, London born but resident in Ireland for many years, he is a composer and saxophone player whose music inhabits the real and imaginary world, his collaborations with many artists, writers, scientists, choreographers, and poets give full expression to his curiosity and creativity. He is a true citizen of the world, an infectious optimist for life and co-founder of Diatribe Records

Ciara Higgins brings a wealth of experience as a musician and Director of the Great Music in Irish Houses Festival , where she has de-stuffified the notion of classical music for elites only. She has been moving musicians around the globe for many years, and her other hat as concerts manager for the Royal Irish Academy of Music keeps her in touch with young musicians and their aspirations.

Brian Carson was a pioneer of jazz promotion in 1970s Belfast, and has been running the Brilliant Corners festival for the past 20 years. A founder and CEO of Moving On Music, he champions all kinds of non-mainstream music, and is passionate about nurturing young and up and coming talent. MOM believes that music can change lives.

Huw Warren, pianist, composer, educator from Wales. An ECM recording artist, he has just released a solo album, Nocturnes and Visions, to great acclaim. His work with Quercus, (June Tabor, Iain Ballamy) throws new light on traditional songs, many of his original compositions draw on baroque and classical sources. He sits on the jazz faculty of Guildhall School of Music London.