Black Gate Club

From 10.30pm each night of the festival, the Black Gate will run a series of late concerts and sessions.

Thursday 5th October
Emil Brandqvist Trio €22.50 (Limited to 40 tickets)
"Withdrawn. Quiet. But powerful and intense. That's why the fans love the music of Emil Brandqvist Trio."

Friday 6th October
Black Gate Jazz Ensemble Free
With John Conneely and a host of guest musicians

Saturday 7th October
Paul McIntyre Trio €5

Sunday 8th October
Black Gate IMPROV night Free
A host of guest musicians capturing the lightning in a bottle that only comes with improvisation.

Black Gate Club

  • Thu 5th October
  • 10:30pm
  • Emil Brandqvist Trio
  • 22.50
  • Fri 6th October
  • 10:30pm
  • John Conneely
  • Free
  • Sat 7th October
  • 10:30pm
  • Paul McIntyre Trio
  • 5
  • Sun 8th October
  • 10:30pm
  • Free