Andreas Varady Trio

The youngest ever headliner in the renowned Ronnie Scott's Club, 13 year old Andreas blew everyone away with his virtuosity, his highly creative improvisations, and, dammit, his sheer swingtastic musicianship! That was back in 2011. Now, at the ripe old age of 21, Andreas has consolidated his early promise, and gained world wide attention and admiration, playing with the likes of Lee Ritenour, Gregory Porter and Soweto Kinch, and has been taken under the wing of the legendary Quincy Jones. With his Hungarian gypsy heritage, his music is Django meets George Benson meets Louis Stewart, and keeping it a family affair, he is joined for his GJF debut by his father Bandi Varady on Bass, and younger(!) brother Adrian on drums. (And by the way, serious bragging rights to anyone who first saw Andreas busking on the streets of Cork when he was still in short trousers).

"This wunderkind Andreas Varady plays much more in the vein of Wes or George Benson and, on top of that, is highly musical and responsive."
Jazzwise Magazine

"Varady, who looks much like any other early teenage boy in jeans and Converse trainers, shoots off on a solo of astonishing virtuosity and speed with the casual, distracted air that other boys of his age have when they're idling away afternoons on an Xbox."
The Times

"This diminutive Gypsy guitarist cops Miles and Coltrane tunes by ear, solos like an old soul, and shares the stage with celebs...super-swinging and soulful..imaginative single-note and chord melodies punctuated with free-wheeling angular runs."
Guitar Player Magazine

Andreas Varady: guitar
Bandi Varady: bass
Adrian Varady: drums

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